Magnum 4D – KTM Magnum Berhad 万能

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Magnum 4D 万能 belongs to the M in KTM 4D whose company belongs to Magnum Berhad the first company to work well as commercial gambling and also owning a Formula One team.

Founded in the 60’s they are licensed to promote, operate and manage 4D forecast betting in Malaysia.  The company is so successful that they are listed in the Burse Saham Kuala Lumpur (“KLSE”).  They later reprivatize the company again by repurchasing all the stocks in the public.  Demerging occured and they are then private again.  This is done through a proxy company which controls all the interest of the company’s operation.

Magnum holds many patented rights and copyrights to the KTM 4D digit game worldwide.  Their method of generating more chance of winning and foundation of fair play have garnered many interest of the public and consistent fan base players.  This can be seen through their successful launch or relaunch of the basic classic 4 Digit game with special game extension which is copyrighted in 2013.  They also have games with 2 digit extensions that controls extra wins which is the Jackpot.  The multi chance winning opportunity for players to win more than they have thought is endless with Magnum.

They are the first government recognized private company that allowed to operate number betting in Malaysia.  They also pride in being members of World Lottery Association and Asia Pacific Lottery to ensure their company operate in high ISO pedigree standards. As a member of this international organization, Magnum strives to uphold ethical principles and best practices to ensure that it maintains a high standard of integrity, responsibility, accountability, and professionalism for its Staff, Customers, Communities, and Stakeholders.

Amongst their popular 4D known game is, Magnum 4D, Magnum 4D Magnum Games Jackpot Gold, and Magnum 4D Powerball.